How It Works

1. Create your profile

Tell people about your pet, why you need help, and what help you need.

Or tell people why you want to help, and your experience of caring for pets.

2. Make a donation

Scampdoodles is a charity and we ask for a donation to help with our administration costs. This also helps with address verification which helps keep our Scampdoodles safe.

3. Start searching

Search through our extensive system for pets and people who need help in your local area.

4. Start messaging

Start to get to know your new friends.

Meet up

Meet up with your pet. Take time to really get to know your new friends and make sure you feel comfortable and confident with the friendship.

6. Stay in Touch

Keep your new friends up to date on pets you adopt or provide respite care for. This might be by phone, messaging, social media, or visits to home or hospice.

7. Keep us informed

Tell us about your stories… we love to hear about pets and people who have been helped.

8. Help us out

Help us help more pets and people by supporting us through donations, events and legacies.

Do you want to get involved and help out? Check out some ways you can help below: