Payroll Giving

As an employer

This scheme is an ideal way of engaging staff in your company’s charitable activity. You can match the donations your employees make and really boost your company’s fundraising for Scampdoodles Charity. There are many companies which can help set up the scheme such as CAF Online. This means minimal fuss for your company.

As an employee

Payroll Giving is a simple and tax efficient way of donating to Scampdoodles straight from your gross pay. As an example, a donation of £10 per month equates to £12.50 (20% tax band) and this is before your employer matches it.

Pennies From Heaven

Another simple way to donate through payroll is for your company to join the Pennies From Heaven scheme; which is the largest micro giving scheme for employees in the UK.  It’s so simple – an employee’s net pay is rounded down to the nearest pound with the pennies donated to charity. As an example, if you earn £850.34, then 34 pence is donated to charity.  Learn how to join Pennies From Heaven.