Did you know…?

People who receive regular visits from their pet at a hospice live on average another four weeks longer than people who do not.

Dog owners are 8.6 times more likely to be alive one year after a heart attack, and cat owners have 30% lower risk of death from heart attack than non-owners.

People who care for pets gain many health benefits including lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. They are less likely to have a heart attack, or suffer from depression or loneliness. They also have a much better immune system so see less of their GP!

People who help others have much higher levels of life satisfaction and wellbeing. They are less likely to suffer from depression and loneliness. Research shows that people who help others reduce their risk of dying by 22%.

Research shows that loneliness is as harmful to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and worse for us than obesity and physical inactivity. Loneliness increases the likelihood of mortality by 26%.

Robert Fenech