Scampdoodles provides something completely new and different.

We help provide friendship and support to people who are seriously ill or dying, and help for their furry or feathered companions too.

For many people their dog, cat or other pet is often their sole companion and a real priority for people in crisis is their pet’s welfare. The thought of giving up their much loved pet to a rescue centre and unknown future is heart breaking for them. Scampdoodles helps people keep their pet for a long as possible and helps them choose a new home when the time comes. And once a new home has been chosen, we help a dying person keep in touch with their pet through phone calls, text, facetime, letters or visits to either home or hospice. Our aim is for pets to be pre-homed and not rescued at much less heartache, stress and confusion for both owner and pet, and much less expense than a rescue centre. We help give people more choices, a feeling of empowerment and peace of mind by ensuring continuity and care for their much loved pet.

We love our pets. In the UK there are around nine million dogs in 24% of households, eight million cats in 17% of households, one million rabbits in 2.4% of households, and one million caged birds in 1.4% of households.

Right now 2.5 million people are living with cancer, with around 356,000 people being newly diagnosed each year, and around 5.9 million people are living with cardiovascular disease with 20,000 new cases of angina and 25,000 new cases of heart failure diagnosed each year – sadly around 500,000 people died last year. We estimate that around a quarter of all these people owned a pet.

The inspiration for Scampdoodles is the fabulous Alfie Doodle who is 64 kilos of ‘special needs’ labradoodle.

Alfie’s human was going through a series of tests for cancer and a real priority was providing continuity of care for Alfie – and should things go badly also finding him a new home. Alfie’s human was heartbroken at the thought of him being placed at a rescue centre with an unknown future and having no further contact with him. Alfie is a very special dog who loves visiting people being cared for at his local hospice. It is always very sad to hear how many people in crisis have given up much loved pets and have lost all contact with them. Now Scampdoodles is here to help people in crisis and help their furry and feathered companions too.